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It’s been a while since the last blog post; the usual day to day responsibilities have got in the way of riding and writing. The Christmas break has provided a lot of opportunity to revisit the marketing of my book with a view to shifting the remaining copies of the last order. I have also decided to publish to Kindle but have a few issues around the US tax treaty with the UK and getting a decent cover image that is formatted for Kindle.

The opportunity to place a stall in Wantage’s community shop arose in November, I thought this would be a good idea given the annual Dickensian evening would mean around 5,000 people descending on the town square to enjoy the festive extravaganza. I did my best to set up a classy looking stall that promoted the Cri Du Chat Syndrome Support Group as well as my book but it wasn’t that successful. In stepped Mim, the lady who put a lot of hard work into getting the shop up and running, her take on class was much better than mine! I have yet to go back and see how many books have sold…a treat for the New Year.

Having recently discovered the many and varied services offered on fivrr.com, I have paid my $5 to a graphic designer who will recreate the original book cover for Kindle. I paid up front for the design after a brief e mail exchange with this UK based person. I had a design but just needed it in Kindle format, he was happy to do this so I will wait and see. It is possible to do all this stuff yourself but I would have to learn it from the ground up; there are currently not enough hours in the day so fivrr.com seemed like a good idea.

I also became aware of a free reviewing service that will post the review onto their website if they believe it is worthy….I thought I had nothing to lose and you never know who might see this stuff.

As to getting out on a bike ride, I think this will have to wait until next weekend. Until then, it will be the gym.

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