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Route Planning

Being a conservative type, I spent hours pouring over the Map My Ride website to come up with a route. The result was a set of maps giving distance and information on climbs, this allowed me to decide upon how the route should be tackled from day to day. The route involves a lot of A roads but some of the roads take you through the wilderness, especially in Cumbria and the Highlands.

I’m sure the routes could have been added to a GPS system; I’d considered this but then went with chopping up a couple of road atlases, doing the manual ‘cut and paste’ and marking the route with a highlighter. The old school approach meant no dead batteries and no satellite drop out; it worked very well.

Feel free to have a look at the maps, I’d love to hear your comments about the route in detail or as a whole.

Day 1

11th May

Land’s End to Bodmin

Day 2

12th May

Bodmin to Tiverton

Day 3

13th May

Tiverton to Chepstow

Day 4

14th May

Chepstow to Shrewsbury

Day 5

15th May

Shrewsbury to Standish

Day 6

16th May

Standish to Shap

Day 7

17th May

Shap to Crawford

Day 8

18th May

Crawford to Braco

Day 9

19th May

Braco to Dalwhinnie

Day 10

20th May

Dalwhinnie to Cromarty

Day 11

21st May

Cromarty to Helmsdale

Day 12

22nd May

Helmsdale to John O’Groats

A word on ‘waterproof’ map covers.

Unless you pay a lot for something Ortleib have produced, most cases with a seam will allow water in over time. Soggy maps are very hard to read and could ruin your day. I put the maps in a food grade plastic bag, rolled it’s top down (Ortleib style) and put this in the map case. This low tech and cheap solution seemed to work. The maps that had been used or were not required until later in the ride were nicely waterproofed in my panniers.