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‘A great book about Phil’s solo journey. The book details what to expect while doing the journey, logistically but also mentally and physically and really provides an insight in to what it took to make it happen. In fact maybe one day I will try it out myself? Even better news though is that each sale raises money for the charity! So even the reader gets to feel good about themselves!


‘If you’re thinking about cycling Land’s End to John O’Groats, this is a key book to get acquainted with what to expect. Phil Cox tells you how he did the trip solo – you’ll find out about each stage of the route, the preparation, the planning, the actual journey itself, the setbacks and challenges along the way; it’s all brought to life right here in Phil’s self-deprecating, compelling style. He’s giving all the profits to charity, so you’ll get to feel righteous as well as having a great read! I liked the funny bits but the not so funny parts are the best, where he’s missing home and you really get inside the head of someone on a major trip, all alone. Worth £3.62 of anyone’s money!’


‘This was a big help and inspiration to me during the planning for my successful solo LEJOG in April this year. It is well written and interesting even if you are not a cyclist. For any potential End to Enders it is a valuable resource.’


‘A truly amazing book for cyclists and non-cyclist (like myself!) everywhere. This book tells the story of one man, one bike and a 1000 miles for charity. The planning, the physical and emotional endurance and pressure of cycling one end of the country to the other without a support vehicle all for the selfless goal of giving some financial support and help to this wonderful charity. The funny bits made me laugh out loud and the sad bits made me remember those that have gone before. A truly remarkable read written by a man and his family who are an inspiration to us all. Please, please buy this book you will not regret your purchase.’


‘This is a great read and once started its hard to put down. Phil’s story is an amazing narrative of his ride from Lands End to John O also tells of his personal reasons for taking on this huge challenge. At times it is funny and informative with some great anecdotes and at other times it is simply very humbling. Buy this book if you are attempting LEJOG as a point of reference. If your are not attempting this epic ride, buy it anyway and read for sheer enjoyment !’


‘Excellent read, thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very difficult to put down. Phil has done a fine job and all for a most admirable cause.’


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