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The Cornerstone Christian Centre in Grove has been providing quality food and a local book shop since 1995, it’s a great place to meet and enjoy a meal. Given my ability to eat for England and my love of reading, I thought it would be good to find out a bit more about them.


The words ‘day off’ take on a different meaning for me, as far as I can see, a ‘day off’ means completing all those jobs that should have been done at the weekend and then spend time preparing for the next weekend. Whatever happens I try to make time to train and ensure I get some quality food down, if I can’t manage this on my ‘day off’ then it’s a poor show.

I’ve fallen into the habit of eating at The Cornerstone; it’s on the way home from the gym and offers a great range of food with a lot of healthy menu items. I schedule a hard session on these days as I am able to spend a little extra time at the gym. Once done, I need to eat: increased protein plus some carbohydrate to make sure I have the right nutrients on board to aid recovery. Their selection of omelettes covers this nicely! My personal favourite is a cheese, mushroom and bacon omelette accompanied by an interesting side salad containing beans, orange and apple – very tasty!

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There is a wide selection of cake on the menu too, I wouldn’t be unhappy about making a stop here if I was out cycling. If you fancied something more savoury to fuel your ride, they do a mean jacket potato with various toppings. There is something very sociable about a coffee stop when you are out riding with friends, a chance to gather yourself for the next few miles, recharge the tank and talk rubbish about what type of tyres you are currently riding etc., etc. Your patronage will contribute towards The Cornerstone’s charitable work, another great reason to visit the café; all in all, a grand day out!

The Cornerstone is the product of four local churches working together to provide a café and bookshop plus a venue for events. It’s staffed by volunteers and professionals and strives to give something back to the local community. They also provide work experience opportunities for young/vulnerable adults who otherwise might not get a chance at a work placement.

Their website is very informative, it’s worth keeping an eye on the forthcoming events, and you never know what might interest you. Commitment to charity is an important part of their work, they work with Age UK to host a computer course and provide a free lunch to those who are on their own at Christmas. The aim for the New Year is to become more dementia friendly and provide sign posting to local dementia services.

Their mission statement sums the place up nicely, I am not a man of faith but I still identified with the first part:

‘The Cornerstone shall be a place where all will be welcomed and valued for who they are, not for what they can do and where God shall be glorified in our dealing with each other.’

I was treated precisely like this when I walked through the door, it proved to me that there definitely something for everyone at the Cornerstone.

Their website has a book review section, Barrie Steers has been kind enough to write a review for Point North & Pedal.

Why not buy a copy of the paperback from their bookshop and have a look through it over a coffee? Proceeds from your purchase will benefit my charity and The Cornerstone.

For more information about The Cornerstone, please visit their home page at Alternatively, pop in for a coffee and something to eat, if it’s a Wednesday I might be there too!

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