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Back to work after a week off doing things at home, it had to happen sometime. It is good to be back in the gym though and making use of the decent weather in the evenings.

A group of us met at Grove Rugby Club to do a quick-ish 15m loop yesterday taking in Denchworth, Southmore and Charney Bassett. This is a very flat part of the world so cruising speeds are nice and easy to maintain. Phil Tynan joined Steve Penney, Steve Bury and Ian Demain plus me for a very pleasant ride that even the two punctures right at the start couldn’t ruin. For once, it wasn’t me getting the punctures! It did make me think of taking a spare tube though; I have never patched  a road bike puncture before and just assumed I would repair it as I would a puncture on the trail.  I think a new tube would be the safer option. The ‘puncture repair video’ from Phil’s GoPro will give you all the details!


Steve P, Phil and me decided to do a smaller loop to Challow, down to Letcombe, up Court Hill to Manor Road and then back through Wantage to Grove. We had planned to be out longer but my daughter had been off school and I had literally popped in for 5 minutes to change and then straight out to ride, as it turned out she was already in bed by the time I returned.

Court Hill is an interesting one, I have been to the Court Hill Centre many times to enjoy something to eat and drink but I have never cycled up the hill from Letcombe.  It’s a touch steep in places and quite long; we all made the top in good shape ready for the fast descent back into Wantage (I’m looking forward to seeing that footage on the camera!).


So all is progressing nicely for the Big Isle Be Back Challenge on 20th September, my only issue is a chronic sore left ankle. The tape does help things a bit but it was particularly unhappy this morning after training with a heavy rucksack yesterday lunchtime followed by 25 miles cycling in the evening.  Nothing will stop me giving the ride a good go and if all else fails, there is Codeine Phosphate…..

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