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Book Launch

Since finishing the manuscript on December 24th of my new book Point North and Pedal, I have been busy trying to sort out the new website which will eventually go live under sometime in February. The research involved for this has been long winded with, as usual, a lot of reading up on subjects like search engine optimisation and social media connectivity. Fortunately, I have a very good mate who does this sort of thing for a living; he has stepped up to the plate and helped me with everything.

Mark Crone of Clearwater Traditional Marketing has put a lot of time and effort into my project and helped me understand a lot of the technical side of putting a website up. The plan is to become self-sufficient so I can change and add content as required.  The website will become one of the main marketing tools for the book, but first, I need to let people know of its existence! Where has that marketing hat gone?

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