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It seems like an age since the Team 14 Ironman at the end of August, a few more donations have come in and the event seems to have come to a natural end. However, there was one more donation received last week, a rather large and unexpected amount!

We are lucky in Wantage, there are a lot of people who give their time to raising funds for local and national causes. As with all small towns, most people know most people and word gets about quickly whether you want it to or not.  Only last week I was asked to set up a turbo trainer in the Cancer Research shop to do an all-day spin in December, I’m not sure they realise just how sweaty it will get but I’m happy to help! We have a good network of people with all sorts of different skill sets.

There is one stand-out fundraiser in the town; he has perfected the knack of relieving people of their cash for good causes and getting word out about deserving charities and events. If he’s not doing a personal challenge, he is arranging events such as a dinner for the old folk at Christmas or reviving the town’s carnival. Ray Collins will stop at nothing when it comes to fund raising; he works tirelessly giving up weekends and holidays to get things done.

Ray was keen to ensure local charities benefitted from funds raised at this year’s Wantage Carnival: The Beatbox, Yellow Submarine and the Churchill Hospital all received donations.

Ray knew of the Team 14 Ironman and had also heard of the 14 Club, he called me and announced that he was donating some money from the carnival to my cause. More than happy with this, I popped in the shop where he works to ‘collect a small cheque’. Well, the cheque was small in size but the amount printed on it was £800 – an unbelievable figure and one which took our fund raising to £3,500.


Ray 14 Club


I am very grateful to Ray for his donation, it means that the 14 Club can cover costs for a whole year and continue with their work benefitting local people with a learning disability. Check out their website at

If you ever fancied doing an Ironman, have a look at the planning and preparation that went into the Team 14 event here.

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Lastly, if you have a few quid spare, please consider donating to the 14 Club via my Make-a-Donation page, it will make a difference to those that need it.

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